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The best training courses for the KBB Industry. Learn more about Michael Thomas Academy, Michael Wilson and  Michael Thomas Luxury Interiors below 

Carefully Designed Kitchen Courses 

About us

Michael Thomas academy offers training courses for the KBB industry. Each course has been carefully designed by Michael Wilson who has over two decades of experience in the industry. Michael has worked in conjunction with experts in education, training, and curriculum planning to be able to deliver his wealth of knowledge in the most educational way. 

Who Is Michael Wilson

  • 22 Years experience in the kitchen industry

    Michael Wilson is an entrepreneur working in the Kitchen industry for 22 years. Michael started his journey as an apprentice as a teenager. From this Michael has gained extensive experience in kitchen & bedroom manufacturing, Kitchen & bedroom fitting and the design and sales of budget, midrange and luxury kitchens and bedrooms.

  • Workshop Manager by 18 years of age

    Once Michael gained his experience as an apprentice, he quickly found himself as a workshop manager at the early age of 18. Michael was responsible for the management of a small team manufacturing bespoke kitchens and bedrooms. This role then grew into Michael helping the business develop its very own trade division with trade counter.

  • Self Employed by 21

    At the age of 21 Michael had gained enough experience to start his self-employed journey. From this point he would be fitting kitchen’s full time. Sub-contracting to independent showrooms as well as starting to design and sell his own projects. Being the ambitious young person Michael was he quickly decided that he wanted to design and install more of his own work. He decided to use his weekends standing on local Markets with his samples and brochures meeting potential new prospects.

  • First Kitchen & Bathroom Showroom by 25

    This proved to be very successful for him and by the age of 25 he decided to open his first kitchen & bedroom showroom. This soon grew into his largest responsibility of managing three showrooms and a team of over 30 employees. These businesses were sold 2019 and Michael’s focus is now on his current business of Michael Thomas Luxury Interiors.

  • Started Buying & Selling property

    Michael has been involved in the property market for an number of years. Buying refurbishing and selling property has gone hand in had with his experience in the kitchen industry. Michael has project managed multiple projects requiring extensive building works and extensions to new builds.

  • Devoted family man with a loving Wife & 2 Children

    Michael is a devoted family man with a loving wife and two young children. Michael now wants to share his experience to help you develop in your career in the KBB industry. Michael feels that not being from the corporate world he is able to relate to real life situations enabling him to effectively deliver his courses in a way that everyone can benefit from. Michael Prefers to create a relaxed and informal atmosphere to hopefully make everyone feel comfortable and engaged.

Who is Michael Thomas Luxury Interiors?

The Michael Thomas academy is a spin off from Michael Wilson’s main business of Michael Thomas Interiors. Originally incorporated in 2015 by Thomas Radford and Michael Wilson Michael Thomas interiors designs, manufactures, and supplies kitchen’s bedrooms and bespoke furniture to the trade and retail markets. Michael Thomas has a heavy focus on the design of there projects and looks to set themselves apart from the competition with this approach.
Michael is responsible for the majority of design and sales for the business.

Our Courses

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I took loads from the course and would reccomend it to anyone who is looking to go down this route

Who is the educational expert?

Ben West – Associate School Leader – Director of Sixth Form, as well as this Ben is a senior examiner and is currently working towards his masters and doctorate in education. In his early years ben worked part time in Michael’s showroom for 5 years giving him the advantage of having his own experience in the industry.